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Portland, Oregon's Kelly Brightwell sounds like Neko Case meets Patty Griffin, or Jonatha Brooke with a dash of Over the Rhine.

A 2014 review of her album “Hearts and Home” in Americana UK Magazine draws comparisons to Shawn Colvin and praises Kelly’s “inimitable vocal style”.

Producer Rob Stroup says "Kelly writes songs that are evolved, with themes that are literary, meditative, and explore parallels between our lives and nature. She sings with the smoothness of Sarah McLachlan, but with a bit more Americana grit and charm."

Since her last album’s release, a group of seasoned players have joined Kelly to support her live performances. But Kelly also performs her work in solo or duo format for listening rooms and house concerts.

Her songs have received critical acclaim by the Tucson Folk Festival, the Intermountain Acoustic Music Association, the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival and the Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

In addition to her solo endeavors, Kelly has released 2 EPs with Radio Stranger, a duo project with co-writer Woody Moran.  They have recently recorded a new EP due out in Spring 2022.