From the recording The Rain and the Radio


THE RAIN AND THE RADIO ©Kelly Brightwell 
Thought I was lost, took a wrong turn or two
Got confused at the crossroads, thought my compass was true
Nearly missed the last exit ‘cause I couldn't make out the signs
Just the rain and the radio and the broken white lines
          Sometimes it's just blind faith, baby
          In the storm that won't pass over
          You don't know where you're going until you get there at last
I thought I'd be fine, we'd figure things out
I just needed some time and my heart's ready now
But my only companion is a ghost from the past
The song on the radio, the rain through the glass
          I know it's my own fault, baby
          And I'm taking too long to get over
          But losing you meant losing me meant losing it all
When I find my way back, I will not run
I'll open the gates, and I'll let in the flood
'Cause there are no second chances: you can't wait for the end
No starting over now:  no, you just start again
          And I guess it's a hard fate, baby
          If you face it alone
          But I know there's always the rain and the radio