1. Walden

From the recording Walden


WALDEN © Kelly Brightwell 2010
Walden on the windowsill
Dog-eared and battered, whisper to me still
‘Cause I drove my life into a corner
But is it mean? Or sublime?
Or just thoroughly confused?
The sky is like aluminum today
And it’s hard to tell the days apart, so many names for gray
But I’m hopeful as a solar panel in this rain
So I patiently wait ‘til the sun comes out again
Mourning doves up on a telephone wire
Have no idea what’s under their toes
But they’ve got a view, and it’s just a little higher
Than the ordinary world down below
Empty iron table with no chair
What’s the use in offering when no one’s sitting there?
So I made a place for you my darling
And all the changes you wrought
‘Cause those changes brought me here
All the changes you wrought
Those changes brought me here