Courting the Muse with Adrianne Gunn

Jade Lounge, 2342 Southeast Ankeny St., Portland, OR

Courting the Muse is a showcase, a salon, a tribute to the creative spirit in all of us!  Hosted by the inimitable Adrianne Gunn. It's about opening up the discussion about creativity that artists mostly have behind the scenes. It's about how we support ourselves and others. It's about why the heck we're compelled to do this art-ing thing in the first place. This setting will encourage participation and conversation --  as though it was a living room or den and we just happened to be spending time with a great group of creative folks;) If you ever wanted to know the secret details behind my songs or writing process, or want to witness my ability to share intimate details without hopefully going overboard into TMI, this is the time and the place.  Be there!  

no cover!